Let's Talk Money: Advice on Income & Assets During a Divorce

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If I begin dating someone before my divorce is finalized, can it hurt my case?

My husband has a retirement account through work that is only in his name. Am I entitled to those

A judge has already granted joint custody to my husband, but my children do not want to stay with

Should I use Legalzoom or online legal services?

What’s the difference between “contested” and “uncontested” divorce in Florida?

I was offered a new job in another state. How will this affect my child custody agreement?

If Florida is a no-fault divorce state, can infidelity affect a divorce judgement in any way?

What things should my ex husband and I consider when planning a visitation schedule?

What are the steps to obtaining a domestic violence injunction?

My husband is physically abusive. How can I protect myself?

I’m getting divorced and we have minor children. How will custody be determined?

I am worried that my husband will conceal assets. How can I ensure a fair settlement?

Do I have to have evidence that my husband is doing something wrong to get a divorce in Florida?

I just discovered my husband is having an affair and I want a divorce. What are the first steps?

My financial needs have changed and I believe I deserve larger alimony payments. What can I do?

How do I break the news about our divorce to our children?

What should I look for when hiring a divorce lawyer?

My husband is a retired military officer and we’re divorcing. Am I entitled to his retirement?

How is alimony determined during the divorce process?

My husband has physically threatened me and I am worried that he may become abusive. What do I do?

How can I begin to re-balance my life after divorce?

My husband provides all of our income. How can I maintain my lifestyle after divorce?

I am not happy with our current child support arrangements. Can I change them?

How long does the divorce process take in Florida?

My ex-husband is moving across the country and wants to take our minor children with him. What do I do?

I’m getting a divorce. How can I begin to create a separate financial identity from my husband?

My husband is in the military and we’re getting divorced. What should I know about this process?

My ex-husband is refusing to make his child support payments as ordered by the court. What are my option?