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 Heather Quick talks with Davina Frederick on the Solo-to-CEO podcast

For some lawyers, being an attorney, itself, is a calling. For others, the area of practice defines them. For Heather Quick, not only was she called to serve as a divorce attorney, helping her clients through one of the most trying times of their lives, she knew early on she was called, specifically to work with women only. They discuss her bold business strategy, and how it’s informed every aspect of her practice.


Heather Quick talks divorce on WSOS 103.9FM &1170AM. Heather empowers women in her discussions so they are able to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Local Jacksonville professionals are featured discussing legal, emotional and financial topics.

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Survive and thrive during and after your divorce with Dr. Katie Winham

It is important to focus on improving your life when going through divorce. Heather speaks with Dr. Winham, owner of Beaches Therapy & Wellness Center, on how you can find hope and begin your journey to healing.

Money, wills and the law with attorney John Miller

Heather speaks with attorney John Miller, owner of Rock Solid Business Law, in this engaging segment on the importance of wills, estate planning and property ownership when going through a divorce.

Free up cash with gold/jewelry buyer Stefanie Robinson

Need cash? Then it’s time to go through your jewelry box and find items to sell to Stefanie Robinson, owner of Flashes of Brilliance. Heather speaks with Stefanie and how her clients benefit from this service.

Why it is important to pamper yourself with Pam Mahan

Getting through a divorce is never easy. It is important for women to maintain balance and reduce their stress during emotional times. A visit to the spa can be beneficial. Heather speaks with Pam Mahan, Youthful Medical Spa owner, about the importance of women taking care of themselves.

What you need to know about taxes when getting divorced with CPA Kim Fader

Taxes have a major impact on our income. Heather speaks with Kim Fader, owner of Ancient City Accounting, on the importance of tax planning and tax return preparation when going through a divorce.

How divorce will effect your retirement income with CPA Adam Wolf

Divorce can have a big financial impact on retirement. Heather speaks with Adam Wolf, CEO Wolf Retirement Navigation, on what you need to know when considering divorce during your golden years.

How yoga will help you through divorce with Mary Lyn Jenkins, owner of Big Fish Power Yoga

Emotions need to move. Movement and sweat will help women through difficult times. Heather talks with Mary Lyn on how yoga will empower women through divorce.

What retired women need to know about getting divorced with attorney Vicki Bowers

Heather speaks with elder law attorney Vicki Bowers, partner at the Bowers/Morgan and Associates law firm, on what women need to know when getting divorced over 50 years old.

Reduce your emotional stress through acupuncture with Michelle Bornmiller

Heather talks with Acupuncture Physician Michelle Bornmiller on the benefits of acupuncture when going through a divorce. Acupuncture will help women release their emotions, reduce stress and maintain balance.

How to financially survive your divorce with guest Jeanette Bajalia

Heather speaks to financial expert Jeanette Bajalia, founder of Woman’s Worth. Jeanette shares her in-depth understanding of women’s finances and their related emotional and physical health effects.

Dating advice from expert Dr. Justin D’Arienzo

Does online dating really work? Dr. D’Arienzo breaks it all down for you as well as gives you the signs to look for in a successful relationship.

Why you need a life coach after your divorce with guest Life Coach Karen Nutter

Heather speaks to Karen about why it is so important to visit a life coach and gain direction after your divorce is finalized.

Taxes and your divorce with CPA Kenny Krey from GunnChamberlain

Heather and Kenny break down how to file taxes during and after your divorce.

How to co-parent through divorce with counselors Dr. Greg and Lori Frazier

Heather speaks to Dr. Greg and Lori Frazier on how to co-parent successfully through divorce and beyond.

When you should hire a private investigator with Ron Taylor

Heather talks with Private Investigator Ron Taylor owner of RTI-ETC; private investigators and detectives. Ron discusses when a private investigator is needed during a divorce and what services his company offers.

Divorce counseling with Dr. Mercedes McGowan

Heather discusses the importance of seeking counseling for yourself and your children during a divorce with Dr. Mercedes McGowan, clinical psychologist.

Helping women around the world with Sharon Williams from Act4Nations

Heather has partnered with Sharon Williams, CEO of Act4Nations, to host our DAWN (Divorce Aftercare Women Need) monthly recovery sessions. DAWN is discussed as well as Sharon’s philanthropic work helping women around the world. Listen in if you would like to get involved!

How to buy and sell property during divorce with Realtor Joanie Heighes

Heather talks with Realtor Joanie Heighes on how to buy and sell property during a divorce.

Mediation Information with Attorney Julie Rountree

Heather is joined by QLG attorney Julie Rountree to discuss mediation.

What makes the Quick Law Group different?

Heather discusses how Florida Women’s Law Group is different from other family law firms.

How to handle personal injury claims with Attorney Brett Hastings

Heather joins Attorney Brett Hastings to discuss how to handle personal injury claims.