Silver Linings

The holidays can be incredibly difficult in the aftermath of a divorce, especially when you share custody. As Thanksgiving approaches, my heart goes out to all the brave women we’ve had the privilege to represent over the years, and to their children. Speaking not as an attorney but as the daughter of a divorced household, I’ve seen firsthand how this particular holiday can amplify the ... CONTINUE READING

How Thanksgiving Became a National Holiday

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays celebrated throughout the United States. One of the first documented Thanksgiving celebrations took place in 1621 when Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a feast together. But the banquet, which celebrated the colonists’ first successful harvest, wasn’t just one large meal, nor did it last for only one day; in fact, the ... CONTINUE READING

Make Your Beauty Products Do Double Duty

Let’s face it — beauty products are expensive, and their prices continue to skyrocket as celebrities release new makeup lines each year. Between Rihanna’s 1-ounce bottle of Fenty matte foundation that costs a whopping $40 and Kim Kardashian’s KKW $130 contouring kit, purchasing a fun product or two can ... CONTINUE READING

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