Divorce Teleseminar

Divorce Aftermath Seminar

October 17, 2017 9:30-11:30 am (Winter Park)

You will never be the same person again. Divorce forever changes you and your family dynamics. You may be wondering who you are now? How will you move on? Where do you go from here?

Join Heather Quick, Attorney and CEO of Florida Women’s Law Group; divorce and family law for women, Sara Stansberry, creator/founder of the Divorcing Well brand and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Abbe Barclay who will discuss planning for the aftermath of divorce. They will coach you through finding your identity, co-parenting, legal and financial issues, what it’s like to begin dating again, as well as how to avoid making old mistakes in a new relationship. Join them for this informative two hour seminar being held at the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce office.

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